27 Jun-1 Jul 2016 Villeurbanne (France)

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We're sorry to announce you that the concert evening has been cancelled. 


Collaborative buffet

In order to start the Ecology and Behaviour seminar in a convivial environment, we propose to all participants a collaborative buffet on the 27th of June, the day before the seminar first day. The idea is that each participant brings something to drink or eat and then all contributions are gathered to build a buffet for everybody.

In the registration form, please indicate what you intend to bring. 


Large audience evening in French

Two evenings will be dedicated to events both addressed to the seminar participants and anyone interested outside. These evenings will be an occasion to debate more largely about ecological issues discussed during the meeting.

(see on our facebook page for more information on the conference and the cine-debate evening (see http://www.cinema-comoedia.com/film/144384/). The movie will be in french WITHOUT subtitles.

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